Smaart v8
Smaart v8
Smaart v8

Smaart v8 – это лидер среди подобного ПО, двухплатформенный (Mac & PC) анализатор на основе БПФ (быстрого преобразования Фурье).

По своей сути Smaart – это программная двухканальная платформа на основе БПФ, которую используют аудио инженеры, чтобы увидеть частотный спектр сигнала или измерить «ответ» электроакустической системы, чтобы иметь возможность принимать взвешенные решения по поводу настройки системы. Для запуска программы необходимо соблюсти некоторые технические требования. Как минимум, для электроакустических систем вам понадобится 1 измерительный микрофон и аудио интерфейс 2х2 (2 входа, 2 выхода). Однако, это самое начало. Smaart создан как масштабируемая платформа, способная поддержать столько входов и выходов, сколько нужно. Количество одновременных измерений ограничивается лишь мощностью вашего компьютера и физическим количеством микрофонов и аудио интерфейсов.


Возможности программы

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Real-Time Mode: Spectrum Engine

Configure as many single-channel engines as you need, each with the ability to produce its own RTA and Spectrograph data.





  • Fractional-Octave banding, up to 1/48th octave resolution
  • Multi-Channel input allows for simultaneous display of multiple individual RTAs – as well as “live averages” from one or many inputs.
  • “Line-Over-Bands” view of RTA displays both raw and banded data
  • Show Peak-Holds, Target Curves, display THD & calibrated plots
  • FIFO and Integrating Averaging


  • Spectrum-over-Time with amplitude represented by color.
  • Real-Time adjustable dynamic range
  • Scrollable 1000+ line history
  • Adjustable Slice-Height
  • Full Color, or Black & White display

Real-Time Mode: Transfer Function (Frequency Response)

  • Phase, Magnitude and Coherence Plots.
  • Virtually unlimited simultaneous live TF engines, even from multiple interfaces. (Multi-Device Transfer Function engines require sample-clock sync)
  • MTW (Multi-Time-Window) FFT provides better than 48th octave resolution from 60Hz up and 1Hz resolution up to 140 Hz.
  • Up to 1/48th octave smoothing for both Phase and Magnitude plot displays
  • Coherence weighted live or stored data averaging.
  • Delay Tracking automatically measures and adjusts
  • TF delay for every measurement cycle.
  • FIFO and Integrating Averaging

Live IR

  • Window centered at the TF’s delay
  • User-selectable FFT size up to 32k
  • FIFO averaging up to 16 FIFO
  • Display data Linearly, Logarithmically, or as ETC (Envelope Time Curve)

Sound Level Monitoring and Logging

  • SPL and Leq monitoring of any calibrated input
  • A, C, Z (none) and 1/1 Oct frequency weightings
  • Comprehensive log file with intervals as small as 1 sec
  • Class 1 or Class 2 compliance when combined with 10EaZy hardware
  • 10EaZy Maximum Average Manager (MAM) when 10EaZy hardware is connected
  • Scalable, windowed, modeless display grid
  • SPL Alarms and “Traffic Light” color options
  • Remote Web Viewer

Impulse Response Mode

  • “Navigator” pane with full IR record in linear view for controlling time domain zoom & non-destructive IR cropping
  • Lin, Log, ETC, time domain plots
  • Spectrograph and Magnitude frequency domain plots
  • Schroeder Reverse Integration Curve and Decay Measurements (RT60, EDT)
  • Intelligibility criterion including CIS, STI, and STIPA.
  • Octave and 1/3 Octave bandpass filters
  • Supports synchronous noise/FFT size for pseudorandom pink noise and pink sweep stimulus when using Smaart’s internal signal generator.

Dual-Mono Signal Generator

  • Random Pink Noise
  • Psuedo-Random Pink noise
    • Adjustable TC up to 1024k
    • Broadband or user-defined band-limiting
    • Speech Weighted
  • Sine Wave
  • Dual Sine Wave
  • File (plays standard .wav file)

Data Acquisition

  • Unlimited input channels/devices
  • ASIO, Wav and CoreAudio driver support
  • Time domain filtering/input calibration
  • Gain and Phantom control and Gain Tracking with Roland Octacapture
  • 10EaZy hardware integration for pre-calibrated sound level measurement

Powerful. Flexible. Smart.

Smaart v8 is the most adaptable, intuitive, multi-channel version of Smaart to date. From studio to stadium, shop to show, Smaart v8 fits the needs of any measurement situation.

Representing the next step in modern computer based dual channel FFT analysis; Smaart v8 users will appreciate its intuitive GUI with the straight-forward measurement configuration, controls and data handling processes that have helped make Smaart the most widely used and highly trusted computer based audio measurement platform in the world.

Purchasing a copy of Smaart gives you access to some of the most cutting-edge measurement processes available. The Smaart measurement platform enjoys continual development, implementing expansions which reflect the advancements in our audio industry – not just in equipment and systems available, but also in our collective knowledge as we (…the royal We) develop new tools and techniques. New features are added regularly, not just from our own developmental priorities – but also from requests via our active community of professional users.


Multi-Channel, Multi-Platform, Multi-Window, Multi-Mania

Smaart v8 is inherently multi-channel, multi-platform, and multi-window; able to access modern multi-channel I-O devices and operate native in both Windows and Mac Operating Systems (including 32-64 bit versions). Meaning v8 can run multiple simultaneous Spectrum and Transfer Function Measurements, in multiple windows, all from a single installation of Smaart.

Easy & Intuitive Measurement Configuration

The measurement configuration process in Smaart v8 provides a highly streamlined workflow – with automatic measurement creation and management functionality wherever possible. V8 supports a “build-on-the-fly” process that is often an operational necessity. Specifically:

  • The program workflow takes you through device selection/configuration and automatically creates Spectrum measurements.
  • Device and measurement configuration is managed in a single window.
  • Input metering right in I-O Config – check your inputs even before you’ve created measurements.
  • Creating a Transfer Function measurement automatically adds its Spectrum contributors to its tab container.
  • Measurement creation on-the-fly from the main interface via menu or Hot-Key commands.

The Most Advanced Data Handling System in Smaart to Date

Smaart v8 introduces the “Session Folder” – and with it the most functionally practical data handling and storage paradigm in the history of the Smaart platform. Pinned to the top of the Data bar, the Session Folder serves as the target location for all new captured data. Automatically named with the current date when created, the Session Folder may be re-named or swapped out at any time. The global program data bar keeps all of your data organized and at your fingertips with nested folders and convenient options such as “New Folder From Selected” or the ability to quickly average selected stored traces of the same type via right select > “Average”.


Touch Friendly Controls


The increased popularity of tablet/touch screen computers complicates the use of its various hot-key commands. To address this, Smaart v8 utilizes a command menu and user-configurable command bar with large touch friendly buttons that can be used to call any of Smaart keyboard-based, hot-key commands.

Smaart-to-Smaart Remote Control

Smaart’s integrated API allows any copy of Smaart v8 to act as a host to any other copy of Smaart v8, meaning you can create a rig with one computer acquiring input signals and performing the measurement computations, while another acts as a client and remotely accesses the measurement data. This capability then allows your v8 environments to be spread not just across multiple monitors, but across multiple computers.


Simple, Friendly, Customizable GUI

Much effort has been expended in reducing unnecessary User Interface (UI) clutter. We give a lot of attention to ensuring the interface is intuitive and that data is presented in a clear and meaningful way. Furthermore, Smaart v8’s highly customizable interface allows you to hide or show any of its control elements – you can see as much or as little of the main UI as needed for any situation. Want to have a full screen plot area during show time? No problem. Want to expand an SPL meter for visibility from afar? Easy. Hot-key or touch commands enable you to quickly change the interface layouts and View-Presets allow you to jump to any pre-set or user-defined plot configuration.


Make Use of the Power

With the relentless expansion of the processing power, speed and memory in personal computers comes the potential for greater measurement power and possibilities – if you can make use of it.  Picking up where the Smaart v7 code base left off, v8 is inherently optimized to make use of the power that modern processor configurations present; whether that be from a basic dual core Intel i5, or the most cutting edge power-house processor available. Your Smaart rig might not need to use all your PC’s power right now, but if history is any indicator, you will.

Smaart v8 or Smaart Di?

By design, the data structure and much of the command and control paradigms are the same between both versions of Smaart. The underlying measurement code is the same. That said, there are three functional needs that would prohibit the use of Di;

  • If you need to monitor SPL/Leq or control more than 2 input signals at a time. Smaart Di only supports input monitoring and control for 2 inputs at a time.
  • If you need to make multiple simultaneous Transfer Function measurements; in other words, if you need to be able to view two live TF engines at the same time, or live averages of those Transfer Function measurements. Smaart Di only has the ability to measure one Transfer Function at a time.
  • If you need to make advanced acoustic measurements, examine reverb times and structure, need to calculate specific intelligibility criterion (like STI, Clarity, T60, etc), then you need Smaart v8. Those capabilities reside in Smaart v8’s Impulse Response Mode, and are wholly omitted from Smaart Di.A chart comparing Smaart v8 and Smaart Di v2 in detail can be found HERE

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