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Smaart SPL
Smaart SPL

 Smaart SPL offers the same complete SPL measurement toolset from Smaart v8 in a purpose-built standalone package, with an interface designed for simplicity and speed. Smaart SPL provides a powerful and full-featured solution for monitoring, metering, and logging SPL but with a format and price point more accessible to users who don’t require the real-time frequency and impulse response mode analysis capabilities of our flagship Smaart v8 software. 


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Key Features



Simple Streamlined Interface.


  • Quick access to configuration functions and logging actions from a single, intuitive control bar
  • SPL History timeline shows data collected over entire logged or live-logging event
  • At-a-glance display of all calibrated inputs
  • Expandable meter grid for unlimited user-defined SPL readouts



History Timeline Plots


  • Primary (upper) plot shows SPL history of entire log event
  • Secondary plot can show multiple metrics simultaneously
  • Time Range feature to zoom and nudge a specific amount of time, enabling highly detailed reporting


Clear, Customizable Metering


  • A fully configurable Meter Grid is a dashboard for critical showtime metrics
  • View meters for multiple microphones in real time
  • Green, Yellow, and Red “traffic light” threshold controls for each metric


Web Browser Interface


  • Connect to Smaart SPL’s integrated web interface via any desktop or mobile device on the network
  • API supports multiple clients
  • Password protection option for access control




Multi-Device, Multi-Input

  • Supports multi-channel input
  • devices
  • Monitor multiple input devices concurrently
  • Log data from all calibrated inputs
  • 10EaZy Maximum Average Manager (MAM) when 10EaZy hardware is connected
  • Supports multiple 10EaZy systems



  • Configure alarms for any or all calibrated inputs
  • Alarm events are flagged in timeline and noted in timestamped logfile
  • Visual indication of alarm events on meter grid (meter flashes for user-configured length of time)



Smaart SPL offers a wide range of customizable metrics to give you the information you need.


SPL Fast and Slow, Multiple Weighting Options


  • Classic metrics found on most sound level meters
  • Options for A-weighting, C-weighting, and Z-weighting (no-weighting)
  • Octave (1/1 Oct) weighting for monitoring the SPL of specific Octave banded frequency centers.


Equivalent Sound Level (Leq)


  • Average level over a period of time
  • Useful for measuring compliance with noise ordinances and venue restrictions
  • Custom Leq lengths in seconds or minutes, up to 1440 minutes (24 hours)
  • A-weighting, C-weighting, Z-weighting, and Octave weighting



  • Noise exposure measured directly as a percentage of daily recommended dose
  • Exposure models based on NIOSH Recommended Exposure Levels and OSHA Permissible Exposure Levels

Logging + Reporting


Smaart SPL creates logfiles in .txt format, and can generate SPL Summary Reports for user-defined time ranges.


Logfile Data


  • Smaart SPL logs 13 common metrics by default
  • Additional metrics can be customized/added as desired
  • Logfile header contains Max values for each logged metric as well as any Overloads, Alarm instances, and user-added Notes.
  • Sample log file can be downloaded from here

SPL Summary Report


  • Create an SPL Summary Report containing event details as well as statistics for each metric (Max, L90, L50, L10) and any alarm violations that occurred during the period.




Smaart SPL Video Tutorials



Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Smaart SPL for?

Mix engineers, System Technicians, Rental Houses, Venues, Festivals, Casinos, Churches, Night Clubs – anywhere audio levels must be accurately measured, logged, and reported. Smaart SPL’s intuitive and easily readable interface makes professional level SPL monitoring readily accessible to anyone using a macOS or Windows based computer system.

I already own Smaart v8, do I have to buy Smaart SPL?

If you own Smaart v8, and have updated to Smaart v8.4, you already have all of the SPL monitoring, logging and reporting capability available in Smaart SPL.  You do not have to purchase Smaart SPL separately.  However if you are looking to add SPL monitoring capability to additional computers, Smaart SPL is an easy and less expensive way to accomplish that without the need for purchasing additional installations on your Smaart v8 license.

How Many Different Inputs or Measurement Locations Will Smaart SPL Support?

Smaart SPL is based on the same multi-input/multi-device/multi-window audio acquisition format and display functionality found in Smaart v8, so the possibilities for multiple simultaneous measurement inputs and displays are not limited in any way by the software. It is possible to connect and calibrate as many inputs to Smaart SPL as you’d like, monitoring as many locations as you have the hardware infrastructure to support.

Can I Remotely View Smaart SPL?

With the built-in webserver, it is possible to ‘log-in’ from any device connected to the same network as the host computer running a copy of Smaart (SPL or v8) with inputs actively logging SPL data. This is easily achievable with an offline LAN, or over the Internet (with the appropriate network configuration), using any modern web-browser (Safari, Chrome, FireFox, etc).

What Hardware is Required to use Smaart SPL?

The hardware requirements are the same as other offerings in the Smaart platform. For general measurements where Class 1 or 2 Compliance is not a requirement – any user supplied microphone suitable for acoustic test and measurement may be used, in conjunction with an SPL calibratior. You will also need a microphone preamp/sound card to supply phantom power and gain to the measurement microphone. Smaart does not require any one particular device, the most important factor is that the device you use works with your computers operating system and has the appropriate count and type of XLR/USB(etc) connections for your intended use.

Where Class 1 or 2 compliance is a requirement, Rational Acoustics offers 10EaZy hardware for a turn-key calibrated solution. 10EaZy kits include a single microphone, BNC cable, and interface which all come factory calibrated for measuring either Class 1 or 2 compliant SPL. If you require a higher sensitivity class compliant measurement for use at venue boundaries, or where levels are expected to be a good deal lower than a typical Front of House position, please don’t hesitate to ask our sales department (moc.scitsuocalanoitar@selas) for a custom order.

Can I Generate a Post-Event Report?

It is possible to create a single page text report of all max levels, alarms, notes, and other critical information by simply selecting “Generate Report” on the main user interface. The report is generated for whatever time period is defined in the SPL History plot. Of course, reports can only be generated for inputs that were, or are, actively logged or logging. (PDF reports coming soon)

How Many Computers Can I Install My Smaart SPL License Onto?

Like Smaart v8 and Smaart Di v2, each license of Smaart SPL comes with 2 installations. Meaning it can be installed, and running simultaneously, on two different computers (or installed on one computer with one installation reserved as a back up in case of emergency).  Additional installations can be purchased and added to your license if you wish to have the same license running simultaneously on more than two computers. Purchase of additional installations is available directly through our online license management site once you have registered your license.

Unlike Smaart v8 and Smaart Di v2, once activated on a computer Smaart SPL cannot be deactivated and moved to another computer.   If you retire a computer, or in the case of loss, theft or catastrophic failure, you will need to contact Rational Tech Support to reclaim the installation from your license.


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